The Farmer's Daughter Chattanooga

The Farmer’s Daughter's farm-to-table cafe in North Chattanooga has permanently closed.  We are still in Chattanooga, moving on to smaller and better things.  The past two+ years has been amazingly successful and we are proud and honored to have shared them with all of you.  

The restaurant may be gone, but we will continue to be a part of the local food economy in Chattanooga.  We believe in supporting and cultivating a sustainable future for farmers, artists, small business-folk, and families.    

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We hosted monthly or bimonthly classes in our space and hope to continue that in the future.  Our goal is to encourage and empower our community to learn new food skills and to use the bounty that Tennessee's farms have to offer.  Keep in touch for future events


No Events scheduled at this time.  

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